Project Reopen is an initiative of The Levy Group.

With over 75 years of industry expertise, The Levy Group remains one of the largest apparel manufacturers in the United States.

Our commitment to outstanding quality, value, and customer service has enabled us to continually grow and innovate in a highly challenging marketplace.

Our network has grown to over 300 retail partners, five international offices, a portfolio of iconic brand partners and four proprietary brands.

Our great-grandfather started our business in the wake of World War II, and it is our honor to repurpose our product lines to help stabilize the world’s economy once again.


The Levy Group designs, manufactures, imports, markets and distributes outerwear, swimwear, dresses, active wear, men’s tailored clothing and sportswear.

Headquartered in New York City, The Levy Group builds, manages and elevates the long-term value of consumer brands by partnering with best-in-class manufacturers and retailers.

We align with industry experts who share our vision and approach towards building brand value, generating global awareness and driving revenue.